How it works

It’s like “pick ’n’ mix”—you get exactly what you want, no more, no less. Our co-op is a transparent place: you can contact any of our members whenever you want and without being forced down some meaningless bureaucratic route.

Work allocation is handled in one of two ways…

  1. Send in your feature-list. Your contact will put together a summary project plan which will include a quote and an indication of the skills required. You can then use this individual as a single point contact throughout the life-cycle of the project (he or she will always have a back-up, don’t worry).
  2. You can choose your own people from our team, and you can allocate work as you see fit, with individuals advising on timings and issues. This approach doesn’t close any doors—you can still call on our wider expertise as required.

So, whether it’s a couple of hours’-worth of support, a regular retainer “just in case”, or a major long-term project, we have the flexibility and the back-up to get the job done.

Getting in touch

Feel free to use the contact form on this site, or you can email any one of us (see the members page for our details).

To speed up the whole process, there are three main pieces of information we’re after up-front: timings, budget and project scope—when do you need the work done, how much are you expecting to pay, and give a brief outline of the features you need.